Speaking out on the Gutterflower tour: June 4, 2002 - February 11, 2003
February 14, 2003 - June 13, 2003 | June 14, 2003 - January 15, 2004

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Some of the Goos' words on politics & FFP

Yeah, when I hear [Bush]talk about the will of the people I just want to say “Dude, shut up. You won by a point.” It’s not the will of the people, it’s more like the will of you to scare the vote out.
Robby, 11.9.04

Dude, everyday for a week I was in a room with anywhere from 5000 - 15,000 people of all ages screaming and hugging because they were so happy that we might defeat this horribleness. After the election was lost, I was thinking, hey, all those people are still out there. These are people who love this country with all of their heart and want to see change.
Robby, 11.9.04

I love when [Fans For Peace] show up!
Online chat, 4.22.04

I would try to imprison those responsible for rigging the election in Florida and forcing a "president" on us that nobody voted for.
Mike, 2.04

Policy makers are making some huge mistakes right now. And a lot of money.
Robby, 9.14.03

Goo Fans For Peace! Damn, you guys are everywhere! Thank you!
John, 8.25.03

thanks to the GGD FANS FOR PEACE for making their presence known to the whole country for us. . . . . . .
Tour Diary, 7.26.03

they were in the crowd with a banner reading "Goo Goo Dolls Fans For Peace" . . . . . . . .God bless 'em. . . . . . .if you've got an opinion, express it, whatever it may be. . . . . . . . .
Tour Diary,

Everything is so run by a few extraordinarily wealthy corporations and I don't think that's healthy for democracy. I mean, if you look back, Hitler was very pro-business.
John, 11.02

We profusely apologize for the buffoon running our country.
Robby, 11.4.02

I can't stand Bush. We did not elect that guy. That's a fact. It's a dirty situation and it's a covert coup d'etat that happened in our own country.
John, 7.25.02

In modern times, it's the most self-serving presidency that has ever existed. It’s unreal. They just gave themselves free reign to do anything they want. These guys are some evil motherfuckers.
Robby, 6.02