Fans for Peace at Goo Goo Dolls Shows

Zuzana, Myshele, Diane, Jen, and Amory before the show in Buffalo, 7.3.04

Las Vegas, 1.1.04
photo from the Tour Diary
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Las Vegas, 12.31.03

Dell in Virginia Beach, 8.31.03

Jade in Syracuse 8.27.03

Becky in Hampton Beach, 8.25.03

Myshele & Jaymeson in Hartford, 8.4.03

Chelsea in Indianapolis, 7.30.03

Nicole, Kristin, Rose & Myshele at the Today Show, 7.25.03

Robbie in Delaware, 7.30.03

WOG Goo Bunnies in Las Vegas, 4.19.03 - banner by Cindy

Trish's banner in Seattle, 4.15.03

Allison's banner in Los Angles, 4.9.03

Unidentified fan in Alberta, Canada, 1996