There's so much going on in the world, it's hard to know where to start. It can be overwhelming -- so many problems -- but also, so many different ways to solve them! Everyone is welcome on the message board to talk about anything, and here are some other resources to help you out.

News Links
If you're getting all your news from the mainstream media, you're not getting the whole story. The first step towards taking action is to be informed about the issues -- from all sides.

Organizations Working for Change
Find out what folks are doing to change the world, and get involved!

Reccomended Reading
There are a ton of great books that explore different issues and give suggestions on finding solutions. We've got a great list of books reccomended by Fans.

Still wondering where to start?

Protest Tips
A few thoughts and suggestions for attending your first big rally or march.... Important stuff to know and some practical tips for making it an enjoyable experience.

Banners & Graphics for your website: Spread the word!!

What's YOUR vision for the world? What's the most important legacy for you to leave to future generations? Because really, it's not about what we're against, it's about what we're FOR, everything in this world we want to preserve and protect and cherish..... What's your perfect future look like? And what's one small step you can take towards that future? Remember, you're always welcome to discuss these and any other topics on the message board!